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Getting Started With Github Pages


GitHub Pages is a great tool for creating user and project websites to showcase yourself and your skills. And the best part of all is that it is free!


When talking with recruiters, colleagues, family and friends I’d get asked about what I was doing these days. When I told them about my experiences learning Swift and iOS or an Android Things project I was tinkering with I would quickly see their eyes glaze over. I could tell they just weren’t as excited about the details of what I was doing as I was.

This was especially frustating for me when talking with recruiters. They would ask about my experience working on various technologies. When I talked about any of the tech that I was investigating on my own they’d inevitably tune me out. “Un-huh, un-huh, yeah but what experience do you have with {fill-in the blank} with an employer?” My experience has been that they see little to no value in self-taught efforts. In all fairness, I agree that words with no substantive evidence to support a claim has little value. So, how to provide some substantive evidence?

I figured having some form of web presence that would allow me to capture information about my personal technical investigates would be a good start. A tech blog for me to write about the things I was doing. But how to get started with a tech blog and where to host it? I also wanted something relatively easy to create and maintain. I don’t mind doing a little website design but that’s not where my interests lie. I was willing to pay a small annual fee for a web presence but free is always good.

I looked at WordPress and Blogger. Each is interesting and have their own strengths and weaknesses but then I happened to stumble on GitHub Pages. As a developer, what I liked about GitHub Pages is that I can have a user website along with individual project websites for each of my projects. I can tie my project websites into my posts on my user website. I have Git revision control integrated into my tech blog and can showcase the source code for projects I’m investigating. And the best part is that it is free.

GitHub Pages isn’t for everyone but I’m finding it to be a great solution for my needs. Thank you GitHub for this really cool tool!

Under Construction

The remained of this post is still under construction. I’d like to capture some of my insights and experiences with setting up my GitHub Pages user and project websites but I’m also anxious to get going using the framework I’ve created for showcasing my other work. I’ll come back here as time permits to flesh out and add content to this page.

GitHub Pages

Tools and tech used to create my GitHub Pages user and project websites.